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Technical Information

Please feel free to check our technical specs on cylinder heads

    1. Cylinder head manufacturing and assembly process
    2. Why Acme cylinder heads do not leak.
    3. How to avoid dry start up
    4. 1KZ short valve and long valve glow plug diffence
    5. 24 Points quality check program (QC chart)
    6. Difference between Mitshubishi 4D56T heads
    7. Nissan TD42 difference size
    8. Kia J2 and JT heads
    9. Hyundai D4CB different types
    10. ZD30 common and non common rail heads
    11. GM6.5 Diesel two injector hole size
    12. YD25 4 port and 8 port heads
    13. Chevy 350 alloy head
    14. Flow figures on chevy 350 heads
    15. Mazda RF difference in heads
    16. Mazda R2 differene in heads
    17. Pressure Test Video                                                                            
    18.  valve guide installation                                                                       



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