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Mitsubishi 4M40 / 4M40T Cylinder head Assembly incl Gasket Kit and Head Bolts

SKU:181221 Assembly

Cylinder Head Complete | Ready To Bolt On


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1 x Mitsubishi 4M40/4M40T Cylinder head assembly   +$950.00
1 x Mitshubishi 4M40T/4M40 Head bolts   +$60.00

Brand New 4M40 / 4M40T - Cylinder head assembly Kit ready to bolt on.

Cylinder head has been assembled to OEM specifications with using all new components like

- Cam Shaft,

- valves and/or springs,

- rockers etc. where applicable.


Engine Type 

4M40 Turbo and Non-Turbo - 4 Cylinder, 2.8L (2835.29) Diesel


Quality Assurance

All heads we supply passes through 22 points of quality check program. Click here to know more


Warranty: 1 year or 20,000 Kms factory warranty.  Please check our warranty terms for more details.


Kit Includes

1. Fully assembled cylinder head 

2. VRS (Vehicle regrind set)

3. Head gaskets (Thickest grade)

4. Head bolts

5. Warranty card

MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40/8V/SOHC1993NJ
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40/8V/SOHC1994NJ
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40/8V/SOHC1995NJ
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40/8V/SOHC1996NJ
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40/8V/SOHC1996NK
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40/8V/SOHC1997NK
MitsubishiTriton 2.8L4M40/8V/SOHC1996MK
MitsubishiTriton 2.8L4M40/8V/SOHC1997MK
MitsubishiTriton 2.8L4M40/8V/SOHC1998MK
MitsubishiTriton 2.8L4M40/8V/SOHC1999MK
MitsubishiTriton 2.8L4M40/8V/SOHC2000MK
MitsubishiTriton 2.8L4M40/8V/SOHC2001MK
MitsubishiTriton 2.8L4M40/8V/SOHC2002MK
MitsubishiTriton 2.8L4M40/8V/SOHC2003MK
MitsubishiCanter 2.8L4M40/8V/SOHC1998FB
MitsubishiCanter 2.8L4M40/8V/SOHC1999FB
MitsubishiCanter 2.8L4M40/8V/SOHC2000FB
MitsubishiCanter 2.8L4M40/8V/SOHC2001FB
MitsubishiCanter 2.8L4M40/8V/SOHC2002FB
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC1996NK
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC1997NK
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC1997NL
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC1998NL
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC1999NL
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC2000NL
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC2000NM
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC2001NM
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC2002NM
MitsubishiTriton 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC2003MK
MitsubishiTriton 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC2004MK
MitsubishiTriton 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC2005MK
MitsubishiTriton 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC2006MK
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC1993NJ
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC1994NJ
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC1995NJ
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC1996NJ
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC1997NJ
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC1998NJ
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC1999NJ
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC2000NJ
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC2001NJ
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC2002NJ
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC2003NJ
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC2004NJ
MitsubishiPajero 2.8L4M40T/8V/SOHC2005NJ
SKU 181221 Assembly
Brand Acme
Make Mitsubishi
Engine Code 4M40T
Product Type Cylinder head complete
Featured Part No

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